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Why Are Taxes So Scary?

Why has Form 1040 become the boogey man of all Forms?  Is it because our money is involved?  Because we’re not good at or afraid of math?  Because we hate filing official government forms? Or maybe, we’re just afraid of the penalty if we get something wrong.  Whatever the reason you find filing your taxes so scary, IRS Success is here to help. We take the guesswork and the scary parts out of the process for you.  Here’s what you should know.

Our Product: The IRS Success tax product is a single digital, downloadable tax spreadsheet that replicates all items of current year Federal Tax Forms and Schedules, line-by-line.  All forms are linked to perform inter-form calculations. The spreadsheet contain six tabs:

  1. Form 1040 lines 1 – 38.
  2. Schedule 1, Additional Income & Adjustments, lines 1 – 22
  3. Schedule 2, Additional Taxes, lines 1-10
  4. Schedule 3, Additional Credits and Payments, lines 1-13. 
  5. Instructions
  6. IRS Success Contact Information

How It’s Organized: The IRS Success tax spreadsheet consists of four columns: 1) line numbers which mirror IRS forms; 2) descriptions of deductions and taxable income, which mirror IRS forms; 3) cells for entering dollar amounts; and 4) notes and instructions, which among other things, identifies corresponding schedules and forms that may need to be attached, and sources of dollar amounts, where applicable.

How to Use it: Customers need only enter raw dollar amounts into line-item orange cells and the red tax cell (the dollar amount entered from the tax table).  All calculations are preformulated: this means customers do not have to perform any calculations. Formulated cells are green and “locked.” Locked cells do not allow dollar amounts or other information to be entered. Note: products do not contain tax payer information or signature sections.

Form 1040 automatically calculates the dollar amount of your refund (green cell) or the amount you owe (red cell).

How to File it: Once customers have completed the tax spreadsheet of Federal Tax Form/s and Schedules, the next step is to either:

  1. Print the spreadsheet and copy the information onto IRS Forms; or
  2. Copy the information directly from your computer onto the IRS Forms; or
  3. Mail or otherwise submitting the spreadsheet to the IRS

Customers choosing option 3 need to add or attach taxpayer information (e.g., name, address, dependents, SS#, etc.) and signature page.

Instructions: The IRS Success digital product comes with a detailed, user-friendly set of instructions for using our tax spreadsheet. Here’s what they include: a link to the IRS website, so customers can download the latest Federal Tax Forms; and step-by-step directions for using the spreadsheet.

Product Features: The IRS Success tax product is a safe and secure way to file your taxes especially if you don’t trust online tax filing methods or just prefer not to file your taxes online. It is also simple and easy: all calculations are pre-formulated and all forms and schedules linked in one spreadsheet.  You only need to enter data once. Our products are downloadable immediately after purchase. There are no deliveries and no waiting time involved. And they’re usable on any device. Complete your taxes on the go with your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Our products are updated annually to keep abreast with tax law changes, so your return is always accurate. And finally, IRS Success provides unlimited email or text help and support within 24 hours.