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About Us

IRS Success is an online business that sells easy-to-use, digital and downloadable Excel spreadsheets of Federal Tax Forms through our Website.  IRS Success offers one-of-a kind products for the easy, secure and accurate completion of tax forms. Unlike online tax filing services, we are risk adverse: we do not require customers to enter personal and confidential information online. Our products are also highly accurate and updated annually to keep abreast of changes to tax laws and forms. Plus, we are highly cost effective: IRS Success pricing is competitive and structured to encourage repeat customers. Prices start at just $4.95. We are successful when our customers are successful. Join the growing number of customers who have found IRS success with us.

Founded in 2021, IRS Success is a subsidiary of Strategic Solutions, Inc., a seasoned Management Consulting Firm based in New York with a national reach. IRS Success is 100% made in America. When you purchase products from us, you are supporting American jobs. Our products work for US customers of all socio-economic statuses and income levels who pay federal taxes to the United States. Our products work best for US customers who prefer a simple and secure way to complete their Federal Tax Forms. You will especially appreciate our products, if you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to file taxes, but don’t trust online tax filing methods or just prefer not to file your taxes online. Customer support is available as need.

The Goal of IRS Success is to help customers better prepare their Federal tax forms, and keep a secure, permanent record of their annual tax filings. Currently, we offer Form 1040 and Schedules 1, 2 and 3. All products are updated annually to keep abreast of changes to Federal Tax laws and forms. Upon request, IRS Success will also create Excel-based products for any Federal or State Tax Form. Products in development include Federal Schedules A, B and C, Schedule SE and Form 8829, and New York State Forms IT-201 and IT-201 ATT. For customers who request it, we also offer digital tax forms linked to Household and Business Budgets. These products automatically populate Federal Forms and Schedules with household and/or business revenue and expenses. Budget-linked forms are anticipated to be widely available next year.